AgriMarketing – Market Development Stream – FAQs

  • bigstock-agricultural-green-field-and-s-18587537What is the Agrimarketing Program?  The Canadian government funding for Agrimarketing Program has two streams:  The Market Development stream, and the Assurance Systems stream.  The program is a combination of government initiatives and contribution funding for industry-led projects. As a five-year program (2013-2018) with $341 million set aside for its government funding for business, the program aims to improve the agri-food and agri-based products sector’s competitiveness in both international and domestic markets.  The program will reach this goal by providing support for industry to gain and maintain access to markets & capitalize on market opportunities.

    How Does Funding for Small Business Under the AgriMarketing Program Work?

    Upon being accepted by the government grants for small business AgriMarketing Program, your firm will be required to sign a contribution agreement with the government.  The contribution agreement states the terms and conditions of the contributions and the responsibilities of the recipient.

    Can I Use Other Canadian Government Funding, in Addition to Funding from the AgriMarketing Program?

    While it is possible to combine Canadian government funding for small business used to finance your project, the total amount of financing derived from government funding must not exceed 75% of proposed project costs.

    Will Expenses Incurred Prior to Signing the Agreement be Eligible for Coverage via AgriMarketing Small Business Grants?

    Expenses must be incurred after the signing of the contribution agreement in order to be eligible for government funding Canada coverage.

    What is the Market Development Stream?

    The Market Development stream is aimed at building and promoting Canada’s ability in expanding domestic and export markets, undertaking promotional activities to help position and differentiate Canadian products and producers, and ensuring industry’s ability to meet market requirements.

    Visit our “program overview” for additional information


    What activities are eligible under the Market Development stream?

    The Market Development stream will focus on promotional and market development activities in traditional and new markets. They include:

    • Development and implementation of market development and branding strategies;
    • Incoming, outgoing and exploratory missions;
    • Participation or attendance in trade fairs/shows and multilateral meetings and conferences;
    • Technical training for foreign buyers about Canadian products and product handling;
    • Industry-wide branding, promotion and advertising, including in-store and food service promotions and product demonstrations for buyers both domestically and internationally;

    Visit our article on this Program’s “Eligibility Criteria”


    Is There a Deadline to Apply for These Small Business Funding Grants?

    Applications may be submitted at any time or until all funding has been committed.

    All project activities must be completed by March 31, 2018.   AAFC will not reimburse costs incurred or paid after March 31, 2018.

    For the latest information, view our program update feed.


    How Much Canadian Government Funding Available for Market Development Activities?

    The maximum AAFC contribution made to a for-profit business will normally not exceed $50k per year.

    What Level of Contribution will I be Expected to Make towards the Project Costs?

    Projects are cost-shared with industry applicants. It is expected that applicants will normally contribute 50% of the business funding grants required for eligible activities/expenses. However, AAFC grants from Canadian government funding levels may be adjusted upwards where activities are aimed at expanding into new markets and downward where activities are aimed at established market maintenance.

    How do I Find out More Information about this Funding for Small Business Program?

    Contact a Canadian government funding expert at Mentor Works.


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