Canadian Government Funding for Hiring Seasonal Employees

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Mike Pearce

Mike is a Business Development Intern with Mentor Works. He is currently in the midst of receiving his Undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo’s Environment & Business Co-op Program. He plans to specialize his degree in Economics and Environmental Finance.

  • Deb Cripps

    Hi Mike, good information here!

    Question: are you aware of government support/grants available to small businesses (specific to the Arts) that are looking to hire employees and expand?

    Thanks, Deb

    • Mike Pearce

      Hi Deb, thanks for your inquiry. There are many funding programs for Canadian small businesses in your sector; however, most funding organizations will need to verify the unique opportunities and types of professional skills that will be provided to the candidates. If the position requires candidates with a strong science and tech background; you may want to consider the iSTEM Graduate Enterprise Program or the ICTC Career Focus Program for website development and search engine optimization. If the you are looking to hire a person with more experience or a specific skill set, you may want to contact Employment Ontario. They would provide the recruitment services as well as funding for any training or certifications that the employee would require. All of these programs can also be coupled with the Canadian Government’s Tax Incentives for hiring new employees. Hope this helps Deb, Good luck.