Market Trends

3D Printing Technology to Transform the Manufacturing Industry by 2020

During the 2016 Tech Leadership Conference, world-renowned thought leaders indicated that advanced technologies will transform Canada’s manufacturing landscape by 2020. It is anticipated that advanced technology discoveries will have a revolutionary impact on specific industries, including healthcare and biotechnologies. However, if manufacturers are reluctant to adopt these technologies, it will

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Highlights of Ontario’s Economic Performance in 2016

Ontario’s economy is expected to achieve a 3% growth in GDP based on the province’s performance this year. Previous growth projections expected a 2.6% increase to the province’s GDP, however favourable conditions enabled businesses to increase their competitiveness and drive sales, both domestically and internationally.

This is just one of the

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Automotive Industry on Pace to Secure Over $1.5 Billion in Investments

Unifor, Canada’s largest automotive workers’ union, recently approved new 4-year labour deals with General Motors and Chrysler-Fiat Automobiles. The agreements, which also prevented a potential October 10 strike, will secure slight increases to wages and pensions of workers.
However, the real gains made through these negotiations come from securing new investments into

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