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IRAP Funding Success: Rianta Solutions Receives up to $440,000

Rianta Solutions is a Kanata, Ontario-based designer, developer, and manufacturer of datacom and telecom equipment solutions. Since the company’s creation in 2012, Rianta Solutions’ team of engineers have been developing customized high-speed, low energy consumption data centre technologies. With clients spanning across Canada and around the world, Rianta Solutions has

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10 Benefits of Implementing a CRM System in Your Canadian Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation is a strategic investment for businesses who are growing and developing their customer base. By implementing CRM software within their organization, small and mid-sized organizations can utilize critical tools similar to what large multi-national corporations use, and with comparable benefits.

Generally, any company who deals with a wide range of

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Qualify for IRAP Accelerated Review Process (ARP) Research Grants

Canadian small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are often confronted with difficult innovation challenges. Implementing research and development projects helps to increase product and process innovation, however engaging in these projects can often be lengthy, financially demanding, and requiring a diverse team of skilled employees. Since many small businesses often lack

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IRAP Accelerated Review Process (ARP) Canadian Research Grants

Canadian small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) are often the drivers of industry change, developing innovative solutions to complex problems. These solutions can increase productivity, reduce technical barriers, and provide new capabilities that expand product and service offerings. However, for many small businesses in Canada, a lack of resources restricts the

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Youth Entrepreneurship Rates Increasing: GEM Report

The state of entrepreneurship is changing globally as more youth are taking self-employment options over working for established organizations. The statistics, provided in July’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report, are clear that this trend is significant and shows a shift in the way that youth across the world are approaching

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