Strong leaders are constantly looking for new information and resources to expand their knowledge. The Regional Information Centre, MaRS, offers a number of valuable free workbooks that cover a number of key business topics. The workbooks are available on the MaRS Workbooks website. You can also browse our Business Consulting and Leadership Development blog sections to discover more helpful business resources and tips.

Workbook topics are varied, including:

Marketing Strategy

This two-part workbook walks you through how to build a marketing strategy for your business, including how to create an analytical foundation that correlates your business strategy to your marketing strategy. Also covered in this workbook is how to structure information in your marketing strategy, critical value factors, and how to create a proper value proposition.

Financing & Business Plan Development

A four-part workbook, the Financing workbook covers the major financial activities that most business face. Topics covered include developing a financing strategy, creating a business plan, finding and engaging potential investors, and developing and delivering an investor presentation.

Human Resources

There are multiple workbooks available to help your company tackle human resources challenges and opportunities. An entire workbook is dedicated to team development, with another outlining how to carry out proper compensation for your workforce. Finally, there is a workbook that outlines general human resources activities, such as hiring, performance reviews, policies, and creating an employee handbook.

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For over a decade, Chris Casemore has helped thousands of Canadian businesses grow by helping them access government funding. Chris also partners with clients to develop their marketing plans and leverage technologies such as CRMs and marketing automation tools to scale their business models. Chris draws on his equal passion for marketing (B.Comm Marketing Management) and technology to equip clients with efficient, scalable, and forward-thinking strategic planning approaches. Follow Chris Casemore on Twitter.

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