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Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium

Capitalizing on Industry Experience
Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is currently Canada’s largest not-for-profit consortium for the manufacturing industry. EMC offers their members the opportunity to partake in innovative training programs and events that are dedicated to the sharing of best practice knowledge relating to various sectors of the manufacturing industry.

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Free Google PageRank Checker

Many online marketing, Search Engine Optimizers (SEO), and web developers have relied on Google Toolbar to assess a website’s credibility. Through Google’s helpful browser bar, users received a quick glance at the Google PageRank of a site. For those of you unfamiliar with PageRank, it is one of the key

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Funding Small Business Growth Plans

Many of Mentor Works services are based on helping SMEs grow international sales, and part of those development strategies includes Accounts Receivable Insurance. Regardless of your annual revenue sales, if you have customers that can’t – or won’t – pay, then securing credit insurance may prove to be the smartest

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Bunker App: Project Management & Invoicing Tool

So you have mastered the dedicated invoicing tool, but you wish it had more tools for managing your clients and projects. Bunker App may be the answer. Combining client and project management tools with integrated invoicing capabilities will help you stay on top of all your projects on a

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If you are an entrepreneur or small business, the last thing you want to worry about when dealing with one of your clients is the task of creating invoice templates. aims to solve that problem through their online service for invoice creation.

Free Web-Based Service is completely free to use,

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Capture Receipts and Business Cards with Shoeboxed

This helpful tool was developed for entrepreneurs and small businesses to help organize your piles of business receipts and business cards. The tool is simple and easy-to-use. Just take a picture of your physical receipts and business cards and they will automatically be stored in your Shoeboxed account where you

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