Business Consulting

Are You Handling Your Social Media Efficiently?

As online marketing continues to sweep the social media world like wildfire, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore its importance in business. Large companies are starting to create entire departments dedicated to managing their online presence. It’s not hard to believe that small businesses and entrepreneurs can fall into

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Learn About Key Tax and Business Programs in Ontario

If you are a small business in Ontario, there are several opportunities to attend a free one-day Tax Information Forum (TIF) event, focused on educating companies about key tax and business programs administered in Ontario. The TIF will host several seminars, informational booths, and opportunities to speak directly with Ontario

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Business Partners in Kitchener-Waterloo

From experience, I receive frequent requests for professional service providers that support high value services for expansion efforts after the early start-up stage is behind us. These services include accounting, banking, legal, financing leasing options, commercial property or leased space and insurance plans for protection of our growth. Perhaps your

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Benefits for Small Businesses

There are seven reasons why thousands of business owners need a business or executive coach.

Results are measurable. A good coach can show you how to get more returns with less work.
Profit can be monitored. Through a critical driver approach and strategic planning new decision making processes are applied.
You build a

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Business Coaching Results

The value proposition of business coaching is always said better by our advocates – our clients. The return on investment for business coaching has to be experienced. Simply select the resource team that specializes in entrepreneurial basics to assist with the business side of things.
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Small Business Financing. Show me the Money!

A common theme in coaching small business, or online business, are the many questions revolving around, “What additional financing options are available to support growth in these economic conditions?” That is our goal – to share possibilities for improving your success. It’s our belief that tax-paying businesses have a right to access government funding. This desire is on the heels of Steven Harper recently reporting that $18 billion dollars would be spent by the government to seek economic improvements across Canada.

There are two independent publication companies that compile business funding resources based on government assistance programs and grants. Based on our commitment to grow small business and our expertise in this area, we want to share our findings with you and how we can support SME’s.

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