With the Help of Export Development Canada, “Canadians are Exporting Food Safety”

bigstock-Calves-on-the-field-27083909Export Development Canada’s (EDC) Barbara Grinfield wrote an article earlier this year to explain the EDC’s work on Exporting Food Safety. “Food safety is a set of skills that can be marketed,” Barbara explains. “By leveraging our (Canada’s) reputation for high-quality and safe commodities, processes foods and beverages.”  The EDC has thus begun looking at food safety as a category of goods and services that can be exported around the globe.

“Traceability” is One of Canada’s Top Food Safety Exports

Like many other categories of goods and services available for export, Food Safety encompasses several food safety sub-categories, one of the most popular being traceability. One of the big reasons why traceability has become so important in the global market is recent scandals, such as one case in Europe where horse meat was substituted for beef –obviously creating a major riff in consumer confidence.  Traceability systems include tagging items such as fish, which includes important information for example where a particular fish was caught.

Laboratory Testing and Scanning Machines Protect Supply Chains

In addition to traceability systems, laboratory testing and scanning machines have also proven effective in the detection of pathogens such as E. Coli, detecting foreign objects, and confirming product quality attributes. But Canada’s food safety export opportunities do not stop there.  The EDC has also seen a rise in demand for other food safety related equipment, technologies, and services. And finally, there is also potential for Canadian firms to provide consulting services on safe plant set-up and monitoring, etc.

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