Scale AI: $284M+ to Boost the AI Revolution Across Canada 

AI’s transformative power is demonstrated by the Scale AI Cluster’s Self-Learning Route Optimization project led by Routific. This Vancouver-based company leverages sophisticated AI-powered logistics technology to support small business owners and operators. Routific has partnered with two Canadian companies to pilot their innovative software, which optimizes delivery routes using an intelligent routing engine. This software ensures drivers work quickly, efficiently, and optimally, reducing fuel costs and minimizing carbon footprints. This is just one of the many ways AI is strengthening various aspects of Canadian businesses today. 

At Scale AI, the mission is clear: to harness the potential of AI and apply it to real-world applications across multiple industries. Scale AI is dedicated to driving industry performance through advanced AI technologies. By fostering intelligent supply chains, Scale AI helps businesses, both large and small, leverage AI to achieve operational excellence, capture new market opportunities, and ensure Canadian-made products and services lead the market. 

Funding and Support 

Scale AI is a co-investment and innovation hub, with $284 million in funding from the Government of Canada, and an additional $53 million from the Government of Quebec. This significant financial backing underscores the importance placed on AI’s role in shaping the future of various industries in Canada. 

Ecosystem Benefits 

The Scale AI Cluster is pivotal in nurturing a robust innovation ecosystem. It achieves this by developing a nationwide membership network, facilitating networking and capacity-building activities, and launching unique collaborative initiatives. For instance, Scale AI supports start-ups in commercializing their products by matching them with their first commercial buyers, accelerating market adoption. 

Program Streams 

  • Industry-led Projects: Focused on the adaptation and adoption of AI-powered solutions across sectors, these projects aim to develop, commercialize, and productive AI technologies for advanced supply chain management. 
  • Acceleration: This stream supports start-ups and SMEs in scaling up by providing access to various programs and resources, actively matching them with commercial partners and investors both within Canada and internationally. 
  • Workforce Development: By offering customized and upskilling training programs, Scale AI bolsters AI and digital literacy among professionals, students, and youth, preparing them for the AI-driven future. 
  • Ecosystem Showcase and Global Presence: Dedicated to establishing Canada as a global AI hub, this stream promotes Canadian AI expertise and innovation on the world stage, driving business productivity and intelligent supply chains. 

Past Impact 

Scale AI has made remarkable progress in establishing Canada as a leader in AI. Here are some highlights from their achievements and impacts in 2022-2023

  • Economic Benefits: Scale AI’s investments are projected to generate $9 billion in direct value creation by 2030. These investments have led to significant economic and environmental benefits, improving the productivity and competitiveness of Canadian firms. 
  • Workforce Development: Over 52,000 professionals, students, and youths have been trained, addressing the critical need for AI and digital literacy in the workforce. This effort ensures a steady pipeline of skilled talent ready to lead AI initiatives. 
  • Job Creation: More than 7,550 jobs expected to be created through various initiatives and projects, contributing to the growth of the Canadian economy and the AI sector. 
  • Ecosystem Participation: Scale AI has engaged over 515 organizations in its projects, programs, and activities, showcasing widespread collaboration and participation across the AI ecosystem. 
  • Startup Support: Supporting over 284 startups, Scale AI accelerates their commercialization by matching them with their first commercial buyers, ensuring they gain market traction swiftly. 
  • Revenue Growth and Cost Savings: Completed projects have reported $78 million in revenue growth and $52 million in cost savings for Canadian firms, highlighting the tangible benefits of AI integration. 
  • Intellectual Property: 100% of the generated IP is owned by Canadian companies, often SMEs, enhancing the domestic AI landscape and fostering innovation within Canada. 

Access More Advanced Technologies Grants  

By leveraging the funding and support available through Scale AI, your business can join the ranks of successful Canadian enterprises that are leading the charge in AI innovation.  

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  1. Would like to know more on this program as Im interested to bring in AI based approach in the restaurant industry.

    1. Hi Tanmoy,

      Thank you for reaching out and your interest. We will definitely provide more insight on the Scale AI programs in the future. In the meantime, in order to discuss eligibility, please contact us by filling out this form.

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