Market Trends

How Electric Vehicles are Gaining Worldwide Popularity

The future of electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly clear. Battery and engine technologies are being researched and developed at record pace; this has allowed global consumer demand to increase steadily. As more consumers begin to understand the technology and feel comfortable investing in electric vehicles, the market will become

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Ontario’s Unemployment Rate Drops to 16-Year Low

New data released by Statistics Canada has shown that Ontario’s economy is strengthening, particularly in relation to employment. Although some metrics may fluctuate from month to month, contrasts to the same period last year (or even the last 10+ years) show some emerging trends all businesses should be aware of.


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3D Printing Technology to Transform the Manufacturing Industry by 2020

During the 2016 Tech Leadership Conference, world-renowned thought leaders indicated that advanced technologies will transform Canada’s manufacturing landscape by 2020. It is anticipated that advanced technology discoveries will have a revolutionary impact on specific industries, including healthcare and biotechnologies. However, if manufacturers are reluctant to adopt these technologies, it will

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Highlights of Ontario’s Economic Performance in 2016

Ontario’s economy is expected to achieve a 3% growth in GDP based on the province’s performance this year. Previous growth projections expected a 2.6% increase to the province’s GDP, however favourable conditions enabled businesses to increase their competitiveness and drive sales, both domestically and internationally.

This is just one of the

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