Market Trends

Canadian Consumer Debt

At over $500 billion in 2014, Canadians’ consumer debt levels are cause for alarm. Consumer debt encapsulates the outstanding debt of consumers that funds consumable goods which do not appreciate in value, including vehicle loans, item purchases, etc. Canadians’ debt related to mortgages represents $1 trillion, though this can be

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Canada’s Technology Triangle (CTT)

Canada’s Technology Triangle (CTT) is a non-profit organization that looks to attract foreign investors and business opportunities to the Kitchener-Waterloo Region. We have previously talked about CTT’s Business Expansion Objectives; however, we did not completely cover all of the Canada Technology Triangle’s beneficial attributes. The CTT offers a wide variety

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What is Bill 168?

Legal Guidance About Risk Assessment of Bill 168 as shared by the legal team at Pavey, Law & Witteveen LLP. To receive guidance about risk assessments and to determine if Bill 168 is applicable to your business or organization, please contact them directly at

Bill 168, Occupational Health and Safety

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