Market Trends

Canadian Small Businesses Trends: Optimism in Summer 2017

The Bank of Canada’s quarterly Business Outlook Survey summarizes interviews between the bank and approximately 100 senior managers from businesses across Canada. Its purpose is to gather the perspectives of these businesses on topics such as demand, capacity pressures, and other economic indicators.

The Summer 2017 Business Outlook Survey signalled that

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The Top Trends in Ontario’s Food and Beverage Industry

Today, approximately 3,800 Ontario food and beverage processing companies provide crucial resources to both local and international consumers. The province continues to be an ideal location for business owners in the food and beverage industry based on access to natural resources, innovation, and skilled labour. In 2016, Ontario’s agriculture sector

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Shifting Automotive Technology Preferences Provide Global Opportunity

Automotive technologies are constantly improving to meet customer demand. The popularity of cutting-edge, technology-filled vehicles continues to increase across the world; therefore, automotive suppliers and technology developers must be willing to develop these systems. There are incredible opportunities for businesses who respond to growing interest for electric, autonomous, and connected

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How Electric Vehicles are Gaining Worldwide Popularity

The future of electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly clear. Battery and engine technologies are being researched and developed at record pace; this has allowed global consumer demand to increase steadily. As more consumers begin to understand the technology and feel comfortable investing in electric vehicles, the market will become

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