Market Trends

Home Ownership as an Investment

In Canada, home ownership is widely seen as a key part of a long-term personal investment strategy. The 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) conducted by Statistics Canada reveals that 69% of households own their own homes (including both mortgaged homes and fully paid off).

Unfortunately, home purchase is not necessarily a

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Keeping a Competitive Future for Ontario’s Automotive Industry

An article recently published in The Hamilton Spectator identified the Ontario automotive sector as lacking leadership and on the verge of a decline. Although the Ontario industry was a top global contender, manufacturers of vehicles and automotive components in Ontario are facing downward pricing pressures from developing nations with low

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ICTC Partners with Microsoft to Develop Digital Talent Strategy

Technology’s ability to empower competitive businesses is essential in an increasingly globalized economy. Tracking the evolution of customers’ thoughts and behaviours, market competition, and other factors is a key element of business success and adaptability. To remain competitive into the future, Canadian businesses must have access to the tools and

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Waterloo-Based Tech Startup, Kik Reaches $1 Billion Valuation

Waterloo, Ontario-based social messaging application Kik has become one of three Canadian companies to be valued at $1 billion or more. This valuation comes after the company received an investment of $50 million (USD) from Chinese internet giant Tencent. With over 240 million registered users around the world, Kik has gained

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A Policy Prescription for the Next Federal Government

The 2015 federal election is arriving just as the Province of Ontario is showing signs of economic growth. Since this time last year, the province has added 67,000 jobs and leads all North American sub-national regions in attracting foreign investment – a main reason why Ontario is the leading province

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Update: Strengthening Trade Within Canada

As discussed in an earlier post, the Government of Canada is committed to strengthening trade across provincial borders. Many small businesses face similar, if not higher, barriers to expanding across Canada as they do when trying to expand internationally. Many businesses find the barriers to international trade (especially to the

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