Canadian Government Funding Landscape Preview Webinar

As businesses leaders approach 2019, many are sorting out their top strategic priorities for the coming year. This is the ideal time to match government funding programs to these projects; there’s lots of time to apply for funding and you can implement a systemized approach to accessing grants and loans.

With the cyclical nature of Canadian government funding, it’s important to understand what’s available and how it can improve cash flow for your upcoming projects.

There have been many changes to the government funding landscape during 2018, and as a result, business owners and executives should re-educate themselves on funding programs and trends. Fortunately, Mentor Works’ upcoming 2019 Government Funding Landscape Preview webinar will provide all this information to you in an easy-to-understand 60-minute format. Register for the webinar today to reserve your space and ensure you can explore top government funding programs for your business.

Webinar Overview: 2019 Government Funding Landscape Preview

On December 4, Mentor Works is hosting a webinar to educate Canadian business leaders about government funding. The 2019 Government Funding Landscape Preview webinar will encompass all of the details your business needs to be successful with funding, including how to qualify for funding programs, how to build a government funding plan, and which programs provide the most benefit for SMEs.

During the webinar, Mentor Works’ President and Founder, Bernadeen McLeod, will guide attendees through a wide range of federal and provincial government funding opportunities for hiring and training employees, fostering innovation, expanding into new markets, and large capital purchases. Attendees will become aware of the top government funding programs they can capitalize on throughout 2019.

Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm ET
Location: Online via GoToWebinar

Webinar Takeaways

The 2019 Government Funding Landscape Preview webinar will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Basic funding program eligibility;
  • How to plan your funded project;
  • When to apply for funding;
  • Application support options;

  • Hiring and training grants;
  • Funding for technology;
  • Export funding;
  • Innovation funding;

  • Manufacturing funding
  • Automotive funding
  • Software development grants
  • Agri-business funding

Webinar Speaker

Bernadeen McLeod
President and Founder, Mentor Works Ltd.

Bernadeen worked in the corporate arena for 18 years as an executive and general manager in the manufacturing sector. With considerable expertise in government funding, both on a federal and provincial level, Bernadeen understands the aspects most critical to a successful Proactive Funding Plan™.


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Jeff Shepherd holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Guelph. He is passionate about Canadian business, economics, and politics. As Marketing Coordinator for Mentor Works, Jeff educates business leaders about proactive funding strategies.

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