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Even during a time of uncertainty, many business owners and employers are still actively seeking ways to grow their companies to ensure long term success. The global landscape is changing, but businesses have many opportunities to stay competitive and adapt to new consumer demands. Attending webinars dedicated to small businesses is a great way to foster and strategize these ideas, as well as gain insight on what is required to implement growth projects.

While in-person events have been put on pause, this is where technology offers great benefits! Consider attending a webinar this June to help support your business’ strategic growth initiatives.

At each of the events this month, attendees can connect with Mentor Works to discover how Canadian government funding supports business growth. Whether it’s to offset the cost of capital investments, market expansion, hiring, training, or research and development, government grants and loans are available to help. Reach out to Mentor Works’ team of Government Funding Planners and ask how funding can support your projects over the next 12-24 months.

Attend These Webinars & Grow Your Business in June 2020

June 3 – Government Funding Highlights & COVID-19 Programs

(Webinar) The Summer season may end up looking a bit different this year – but nonetheless, Canadians are gearing up and preparing for their well-deserved days of warm weather.

Like regular changes to the seasons, the government funding landscape is also changing throughout the year. Companies should evaluate their growth priorities and consider if government funding programs can help achieve success.

During this webinar, we’ll share our insights on what the Canadian government funding landscape may look like for Summer 2020 – including COVID-19 financial support and top programs businesses should be aware of.

Mentor Works’ President and Founder, Bernadeen McLeod, will discuss a wide range of federal and provincial government funding opportunities including support programs related to COVID-19. Hiring and training employees, researching and developing innovative products/processes, expanding production and exports, and purchasing advanced technologies are just some of the ways that businesses plan to build a competitive edge; fortunately, these are all areas where companies can receive government grants and incentives.

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June 11 – Strategies for Business Process Improvement

(Webinar Co-hosted with Pemeco Consulting) The coronavirus pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on manufacturing operations. Business leaders are forced to contend with multifaceted challenges. They need to ensure the health and safety of their people while, at the same time, reacting quickly to major shifts in both demand and supply.

As the crisis resolves and as governments lift lockdowns, companies will need to quickly respond to shifting customer demands, new supply sourcing requirements, and labor restrictions. ERP and technology solutions will play a pivotal role in equipping companies with the appropriate agility and speed.

Unfortunately, only 15% of manufacturers have a strategic technology adoption plan and only 50% have successfully implemented ERP. On this webinar, you’ll learn about best-practices that are proven to deliver ERP success and grant funding opportunities to support your project.

Mentor Works Ltd. will discuss government funding programs to support the implementation of ERP systems or the enhancement of existing ERP’s, and funding to train employees on a new or existing ERP system. Jonathan Gross, Pemeco Consulting’s Managing Director, will take attendees through a step-by-step methodology that has been proven over 40 years, across 700 major ERP implementation projects, and 140 different technology solutions.

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June 17 – COVID-19 Support for Canadian Exporters

(Webinar) During the COVID-19 Support Programs for Canadian Exporters webinar, attendees will learn about specific government funding programs designed to help businesses through these uncertain times. Mentor Works will be joined by Export Development Canada (EDC). They are Canada’s export credit agency, offering innovative commercial solutions to help Canadian Exporters Go, Grow and Succeed internationally.

This webinar will provide an overview of the various COVID-19 financial support programs available to Canadian exporters.

This webinar includes an overview of programs from the federal and Ontario provincial governments, FedDev Ontario, National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), FedNor, and Export Development Canada (EDC).

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June 18 – Digital Transformation, Industrial IoT, and Predictive Analytics – Are You Ready?

(Webinar) A reduction in unplanned downtime or a few percentages of scrap reduction can yield millions of dollars in savings for manufacturers. This, and the shortage of skilled labor, has led manufacturing firms to embrace Digital Transformation and leverage the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies and metrics to achieve greater efficiency and productivity on the shop floor.

This webinar will educate the attendees on the principles of Digital Transformation, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 initiative.

Mentor Works Ltd. will be joined by IoTco to educate attendees about the principles of Digital Transformation, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 initiative.

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June 23 – Hiring and Training Grants for Workforce Development

(Webinar) Targeted hiring and training programs can help Canadian companies scale operations and reduce talent gaps. But despite the clear benefits of workforce development, few companies allocate enough capital to attracting and nurturing world-class talent.

Employers should consider tapping into government funding programs to boost hiring and training budgets.

During the Hiring & Training Grants for Workforce Development webinar, attendees will learn about the top government funding programs that can offset a portion of hiring and training costs by up to 50-83%.

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June 25 – Hiring Grants for Automotive & Advanced Manufacturers

(Webinar Co-hosted with CTMA) Administered by the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) and funded in part by the Ontario Provincial Government, the second round of the Career-Ready with CTMA program – a hiring program in partnership with Mentor Works Ltd. is now open! This program is helping close the skilled trades gap in the Machine, Tool, Die, Mould & Automation (MTDMA) sector, in support of the auto manufacturing industry.

This 2020 round is providing up to 240 Experiential Work Placements for co-op students, recent graduates, and potential new apprentices. Employers can receive $3,000-$15,000 per individual hire.

During this webinar, our co-hosts will share valuable information about the program to benefit both employers seeking to fill positions relevant to the automotive industry AND students looking for placements to gain practical workplace skills and experience.

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See all upcoming webinars on our Canadian business events page.

Canadian Government Funding Events for Small Business

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Myra educates and inspires leaders on ways to enhance their business’ growth projects through blog and web publication, social media, and event management.

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11 March 2019 Reply

Hello, Myra!
Looking to help my husband open a small business in food industry. He has over 11 yrs experience in the industry. Seems it is high time he works for himself. Since his English is not the best, thought I should initiate the process. Could you suggest or recommend seminars or first steps. He has worked for many food businesses and has an idea. However, I think he needs to know details and paperwork.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

13 March 2019 Reply

Hi Hema, thanks for your comment. The first step in establishing a business in Ontario is typically visiting a Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC). These centres have the expertise needed to consult you and your husband directly and provide the individualized support needed to get your business started. Visit that page to learn more about your local SBEC!

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