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Small business events provide opportunities for business professionals to grow, network, and stay competitive. Not only are they exceptional learning forums where one can hear industry leaders speak, but they also enable attendees to network with peers, connect to customers, learn about competitors, and spark innovation.

This September, consider attending a small business event tailored to support your business’ strategic growth initiatives.

At each of the events this month, attendees can connect with Mentor Works to discover how Canadian government funding supports business growth. Whether it’s to offset the cost of capital investments, market expansion, hiring, training, or research and development, government grants and loans are available to help. Look for Mentor Works’ team of Government Funding Planners and ask how funding can support your projects over the next 12-24 months.

Ontario Small Business Events: Grow Your Business in September 2019

September 11 – Plex Lunch & Learn and Ernie Green Industries Plant Tour

(Stratford, ON) Plex offers the only ERP solution built from the ground up in the cloud and focused exclusively on manufacturing. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud connects suppliers, materials, machines, and people to help businesses innovate, improve productivity, and achieve new levels of quality and efficiency.

On Wednesday, September 11 in Stratford, Ontario, Plex Systems will be hosting the Plex ERP Lunch & Learn at The Parlour Inn, followed by a Plant Tour at Ernie Green Industries. Attendees will watch live demonstrations of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud in real time and be able to ask questions from actual customers to get an exclusive look at what it takes to run a modern, successful manufacturing organization.

Mentor Works’ Business Development Executive, Brenda Cane Blackwell, will be attending and speaking at the Lunch & Learn to share her expertise on Canadian government funding and how it can offset ERP technology investment and adoption across the shop floor.

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September 12 – 2019 CTMA AGM and Dinner Meeting

(London, ON) The Canadian Tooling and Machining Association (CTMA) represents and promotes the interests of tooling and manufacturing companies across Canada. As advocates of the industry to all levels of government, the Association effectively promotes issues and supports member businesses.

During the AGM and Dinner Meeting, speakers will share what the association has learned and accomplished over the past year and will discuss the 2019-2020 Board of Directors. It’s also a great time for attendees to catch up on what is happening in the tool and machine industry. There will be a special keynote speaker, Scott Kress; this leadership trainer and MBA Professor is one of the few people to have summited Mount Everest, as he captures in his well-known book, “Learning in Thin Air.”

Mentor Works’ Founder and President, Bernadeen McLeod, and Business Development Executive, Jeff Dumart, will be in attendance to network with attendees and share insight on funding programs to cover strategic project costs in the tooling and machining industry.

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September 12 – Government Funding to Grow Your Manufacturing Business

(Webinar) The North American manufacturing industry is poised for growth in 2019 and beyond. Because of this, Canada’s vast supply chain of part manufacturers should explore opportunities to scale operations, become more productive, and improve worker skills to support tech innovation.

During this Funding to Grow Your Manufacturing Businesses webinar, attendees will learn about specific government grants and funding opportunities to hire and train employees, adopt new technologies, perform cutting-edge research and development projects, and reach export markets.

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September 18 – Top Tech & Government Funding to Support Manufacturers

(Webinar co-hosted with Info-Tech Research Group) Info-Tech Research Group is the world’s fastest-growing information technology research and advisory company, proudly serving over 30,000 IT professionals. They produce unbiased and highly relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions.

During the Top Tech & Government Funding to Support Manufacturers webinar, Rami Kaawach, Commercial Director at Info-Tech Research Group, and Sales Director Joel White, will join Mentor Works. Info-Tech will share with attendees the importance of maintaining a strong Information Technology Governance Structure necessary to surviving a technology-dominated world. Learn how to manage and leverage your data and Information Technology initiatives to drive your company forward. Does it make sense to go to the cloud? Are vendors in control of your business? Are your Disaster Recovery Plans meeting best practices? Mentor Works will follow with a deep dive into government funding to support tech adoption.

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September 26 – Key Person of Influence Toronto Entrepreneur Event

(Toronto) Dent Global is a business accelerator company best known for helping establish 6-7 figure revenue service-based business owners as ‘Key People of Influence’ in their industry in less than 12 months.

During the Key Person of Influence event, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from some of Toronto’s most well-respected business leaders and Canadian entrepreneurs on how they can become highly valued and paid leaders within their own industry. Unlock a 12-month strategy to becoming the “go-to” person in your industry and become an expert at these five skills: pitch, publish, product, profile, and partnerships.

Mentor Work’s Business Development Executive Jeff Dumart will be in attendance. Mentor Works will have a slide during the main presentation sharing their services and will be offering attendees a complimentary Discovery Call on Canadian government funding in order to determine available funding to support business growth goals.

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Canadian Government Funding Events for Small Business

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Myra Bredin holds a Diploma of Business Marketing at Conestoga College. Her interest in blog writing, social media and event planning makes her excited to be Mentor Works’ Marketing Analyst, where she can use these skills to educate and support Canadian businesses with government funding.

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11 March 2019 Reply

Hello, Myra!
Looking to help my husband open a small business in food industry. He has over 11 yrs experience in the industry. Seems it is high time he works for himself. Since his English is not the best, thought I should initiate the process. Could you suggest or recommend seminars or first steps. He has worked for many food businesses and has an idea. However, I think he needs to know details and paperwork.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

13 March 2019 Reply

Hi Hema, thanks for your comment. The first step in establishing a business in Ontario is typically visiting a Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC). These centres have the expertise needed to consult you and your husband directly and provide the individualized support needed to get your business started. Visit that page to learn more about your local SBEC!

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