Professional Development

Excel-‘erate’ Your Career

Sorry for the pun up there, but I couldn’t help myself; it is actually a very accurate depiction of what Excel can do for your career and your business.

I’ve been working in the financial sector for over 10 years. During the course of my career I’ve managed to develop many

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Hobbies and Work-Life Balance

Working in a high-demand job can take over all aspects of life outside of the office. Many people face the daily pressures from superiors to improve performance and become more efficient in assigned tasks. It is easy to let these demands take over, but there is another way to improve

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5 Role Models that Exude Modern Leadership Qualities

Here are five role models from history and fiction that you can learn real leadership skills from:

1.      Never Stop Learning Like Captain James T. Kirk
As Alex Knapp of Forbes magazine points out, “No matter what your organization does, it helps to never stop learning.  The more knowledge you have, the

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Strengthen Your Willpower to Change Habits

We have all been here: you would like to change something about yourself, but because of time, stress, or other external factors, it seems impossible. In actuality, the problem might just be your perception of these barriers and your willpower to overcome them. We as humans find comfort routines and

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Klok: Time Management Tool

Even though work consumes 1/3 or more of an average employee’s day, it is often hard to fit all of our responsibilities into an 8-hour workday. Time management can be a key tool to allow you and your team to maximize productivity and make the most out of every workday.

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TechConnex – Formerly York Technology Alliance

If you are a technology company and looking for connections with 10,000 leaders and influencers in this cluster in Central Ontario, then this dynamic member community may just be what you have been looking for.

The programs offered through memberships provide knowledge transfer about trends and issues facing our sector and

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