Professional Development

The Advantage of Being Unprepared

I recently came across the blog post, “Unprepared” by Seth Godin that hit home for me, not just as someone who suffers from chronic procrastination but also on a deeper level. In the posting, Godin argues that being unprepared is not always a bad thing. He points out that there

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What A Big Brown Horse Taught Me About Business

I’ve been a horse-crazy person since I was a kid. Family members joke about watching toddler-aged-me falling asleep on the rocking horse. At the age of eight, my parents finally indulged my requests with some lessons. Unfortunately for their wallets the addiction did not stop there.

Last year a friend approached

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The Value of Personal Experience

The value of your ‘journey’ and why you should “go through it” to learn the best lessons. 
I recently shared an interesting discussion with my colleagues about the wonders of technology and the time, effort, and undue stress it saves us.  The particular example being discussed was my freshman year

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Excel-‘erate’ Your Career

Sorry for the pun up there, but I couldn’t help myself; it is actually a very accurate depiction of what Excel can do for your career and your business.

I’ve been working in the financial sector for over 10 years. During the course of my career I’ve managed to develop many

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Hobbies and Work-Life Balance

Working in a high-demand job can take over all aspects of life outside of the office. Many people face the daily pressures from superiors to improve performance and become more efficient in assigned tasks. It is easy to let these demands take over, but there is another way to improve

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5 Role Models that Exude Modern Leadership Qualities

Here are five role models from history and fiction that you can learn real leadership skills from:

1.      Never Stop Learning Like Captain James T. Kirk
As Alex Knapp of Forbes magazine points out, “No matter what your organization does, it helps to never stop learning.  The more knowledge you have, the

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