Professional Development

Strengthen Your Willpower to Change Habits

We have all been here: you would like to change something about yourself, but because of time, stress, or other external factors, it seems impossible. In actuality, the problem might just be your perception of these barriers and your willpower to overcome them. We as humans find comfort routines and

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Klok: Time Management Tool

Even though work consumes 1/3 or more of an average employee’s day, it is often hard to fit all of our responsibilities into an 8-hour workday. Time management can be a key tool to allow you and your team to maximize productivity and make the most out of every workday.

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TechConnex – Formerly York Technology Alliance

If you are a technology company and looking for connections with 10,000 leaders and influencers in this cluster in Central Ontario, then this dynamic member community may just be what you have been looking for.

The programs offered through memberships provide knowledge transfer about trends and issues facing our sector and

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5 Essential Skills For Business Success

As the owner and general manager of your company, you are both the compass and the map to lead your workforce to success. As you realize this, it is perfectly normal to initially feel overwhelmed by the responsibility. However, if you focus on honing a few valuable skills and implementing

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Leadership and Self-Awareness of Strengths

Return on Investment (ROI) is always cited at meetings before strategies are agreed to. What is the return of this product line, market segment, sales distribution network, new production equipment, marketing budget, inventory dollars or pending software program? And yet, how often do we invest or discuss in the ROI

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Keep Going – Promise Your Best

As you watch this video What Coaching is All About, ask yourself these questions:

How do you use your influence?
Are you currently playing to your strengths?
Can your team count on you?
Are you in the end zone?

If you need accountability Facing Your Giants, coaching will serve you well.

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