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Boosting Niagara Tourism: $540K FedDev Ontario Grant Success 

Tourism in Canada is a cornerstone of economic vitality, with destinations like the Niagara Region and Banff drawing millions annually. Recently, the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) announced a significant investment aimed at boosting tourism infrastructure and experiences in the region. 

Ontario’s $540K Commitment in Niagara 

Today at Byland Estate Winery in Niagara-on-The-Lake, Minister Soraya Martinez Ferrada unveiled FedDev Ontario’s commitment of $540,000 across three pivotal projects. Byland Estate Winery, Flat Rock Cellars Ltd., and the City of Port Colborne are set to receive targeted funding to enhance visitor amenities and expand tourism potential. 

Byland Estate Winery Enhancement: 

Byland Estate Winery will receive $90,000 to improve accessibility and landscape, crucial for accommodating increased visitor traffic and enriching the overall tourist experience in the rural landscape. 

Flat Rock Cellars Hospitality Boost: 

Located in Jordan Station, Flat Rock Cellars secures $200,000 to enrich its hospitality offerings, including an outdoor covered area to extend the tourist season, ensuring more guests can enjoy the renowned wine country experience. 

Wharf Terminal Upgrade in Port Colborne: 

The City of Port Colborne’s $250,000 investment focuses on enhancing the Wharf Terminal at Port Colborne Marine Terminals. This upgrade aims to increase cruise ship capacity, aligning with federal safety standards and bolstering tourism influx to the community. 

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