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5 Ways Hillary Clinton’s Presidency Would Impact Canadian Business

Disclaimer: This article does not endorse either political party or presidential nominee.

Today is the American presidential election. We’ll soon know who the next leader of the United States is, and with that knowledge, we can begin looking at the new administration’s incoming changes.

Yesterday’s blog reviewed Trump’s platform; and in

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5 Ways Foreign Direct Investment Strengthens Canadian Businesses

Most Canadians share an inaccurate, out-of-date view of how businesses grow and succeed in international markets. Gone are the days where businesses manufactured products in Canada and shipped them internationally; now companies must extend beyond borders and become part of an integrated international value chain.

Traditional trade measurements fail to recognize

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Wind Power and the Advancement of Global Renewable Energy

Wind power is in the midst of extreme market growth. The advancement of technologies, in addition to rapidly changing legislation from governments, are helping to fuel strong growth rates year-over-year in North America and around the world.

Wind technologies present a significant opportunity for businesses across the world. Technology development companies

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