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RH Accelerator: Scale-up Resources and Space in London, Ontario

London, Ontario is home to several technology-oriented incubators. Innovation hubs such as Western University’s Propel and Fanshawe’s Leap Junction are a great place for startup companies to establish themselves and develop a minimum viable product (MVP), but once a firm reaches a certain size there’s limited structural support. So, what

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FedDev Ontario Invests $2M in Bioenterprise to Support Early-Stage Innovators

The Bioenterprise Corporation is Canada’s leading agricultural technology commercialization accelerator, dedicated to transforming cutting-edge innovations into commercial success. The company provides strategic connectivity, industry and technical expertise, and customized business advisory services to help advance innovative agri-businesses. Bioenterprise has recently received Ontario government funding which will allow them to increase

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What is the Ontario Creates IDM Fund: Futures Program?

New entrants to Ontario’s interactive digital media community must overcome steep knowledge and financial hurdles. There are many obstacles to tackle before software and game developers can launch their first product; this is often a long and complicated process where innovators must tap into several organizations and resources for support.


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YSpace Markham: Scale-Up Resources for Innovators

Ontario’s innovation ecosystem is growing exponentially. With this growth comes the need for more resources for innovators to develop globally-competitive products and services that shape today’s knowledge-based economy. Access to incubation space and entrepreneurial expertise are two areas of support often requested by young, high-growth businesses, but it’s often difficult

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Canada Small Business Financing Program: Loans for Business Growth

Small business owners frequently face challenges when scaling their operations. With limited cash flow, most seek financial support for growth projects through banks. However, business owners are often rejected for loans and other financial products because they’re deemed a high-risk borrower. As a result, their business stays small and unable

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TechPlace Burlington: Scale-Up Resources for Tech Innovators

According to Fortune, 90% of startups fail. This is particularly true in the technology industry where limited working capital and lack of access to crucial business resources (space, talent, mentorship) can cause significant problems. Although the odds are stacked against these innovative new businesses, accessing support networks can substantially improve

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