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Challenges Facing the Ontario Manufacturing Sector

In a recent publication by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) entitled “Manufacturing Matters in Ontario” the group has identified several issues that hinder growth potential and overall success of manufacturers. As the country’s largest manufacturing province, accounting for 47% of total manufacturing activity in Canada, addressing these issues is essential

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The State of Canada’s Aerospace Industry

The Canadian aerospace industry is poised for strong, sustained growth. Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, a site dedicated to news and resources for Canadian aerospace manufacturers, reports that Canada ranks 3rd in global civil aircraft production, and is forecasted to grow at twice the rate of the international civil aircraft manufacturing

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The Evolving Nature of the Canadian Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is made up of several industries: automobile assembly, automotive parts manufacturing, and the relatively small auto body and trailer manufacturing sector. Although all industries are experiencing increased competition, the automotive parts manufacturing sector in particular are pressured to adopt advanced technologies and streamline processes in order to

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Unemployment Rate in Guelph Hits Record Low

Statistics Canada has issued its most recent employment stats, in which it lists the city of Guelph, Ontario as having the lowest unemployment rates in the province. Released on February 6, 2015, the findings state that January’s jobless rate in Guelph was an astonishing 5.1%. When looked at as entire

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Top 3 Government Grants for Ontario SME Export Expansion

More than ever Canada’s economic future will be shaped by the success that the nation’s small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) achieve in global markets –but according to a 2013 report from the Globe and Mail, Canadian SMEs face a number of challenges:

A comparatively strong Canadian dollar,
Relatively low levels of progress

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6 Steps to ERP Systems Upgrade/Implementation with Small Business Grants

Growing Canadian manufacturing organizations have been increasingly taking advantage of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems achieve workflow automation and improved productivity across operations.  Whether your organization is in need of implementing a new ERP system, or customizing or upgrading an existing system Canadian small business grants are available to help

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