Eysha Marium

Consultant, Government Grants

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Eysha is a University of Guelph International Development graduate who is enthusiastic about supporting local businesses as she realizes the positive impact they have on the economy and society. Her education has taught her the relevance of well- functioning business sector in the society and from there onwards she began developing her skills and expertise around the specific demands of the sector. Her position as Vice President – Outgoing Exchange at AIESEC, an affiliated body to United Nation, gave her direct access to how entrepreneurship can develop a social impact in the society. She has since then worked within the hospitality sector and gained experience in ground-level opportunities and challenges that local businesses face on a daily basis. Now she is focusing on developing her knowledge on the growing business market and role of government in supporting its growth.

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For her extracurricular activities, Eysha loves hitting the gym. She believes that there is nothing a good workout cannot fix. She enjoys swimming, playing basketball and going on a hike whenever she can. Horse riding is one of her favorite childhood memories and she continues to enjoy it in the summer. In her free time, she loves listening to podcasts and watching documentaries focused on the geopolitics of the world. She loves reading books and going to museums. She loves having conversation with people from different backgrounds and believes in importance of inclusivity. She believes good leadership and teamwork have a strong impact on the community and its output.