Nate Chick

Specialist, Marketing Communications

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Nate graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication. Starting in the Students’ Union Marketing Department, he has worked in various marketing roles throughout the beginning of his career. Nate is fascinated by emerging communication platforms and uses his curiosity to bridge these platforms with new opportunities. Nate’s goal is to use communications to educate Canadian businesses about government funding opportunities.

“You’re not going through it, it’s going through you.

And once it’s all gone, you’ll become the new you.

With a different perspective, from the same point of view.

Fully unaffected by the old truth you once knew.”

– Stephen Swartz

In his spare time, Nate enjoys long distance running, taking his canoe out to new waters and camping with friends and family. He enjoys using his camera to capture wildlife and landscapes, as well as sharing stories through podcasting. Nate lives in Old City, Guelph.