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Business plans are the basis of your business’ strategy, fundraising efforts, and overall investor package. They identify what makes your business unique, set a roadmap for business growth, and chart the opportunities and risks that your business will navigate as it grows. Since your business plan is the most important document to your business’ success, it’s important that it’s developed with care and an understanding of who will read or use it.

There are many components your business plan must address, including strategies for commercialization, marketing, human resources, fundraising and financing, and sales forecasting/fundraising.

Mentor Works understands how to frame your business and develop a narrative that outlines your business, your growth plan, and the steps it will take to get there. To help you develop the best business plan possible, our team provides consultation and advice on your strategic plan, and can also formulate major aspects of your plan if starting from scratch.

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How We Support Your Business Plan Development

For new companies and established firms without the expertise to confidently develop a business plan, support services can improve quality and reduce the time needed to achieve great results. Developing a comprehensive business plan requires an in-depth understanding of your target audience and company, but also relies on great writing that compels the reader to take action. Addressing all these areas needs can be challenging, which is why offloading the work to a team of experienced business consultants enhances your likelihood of a great business plan.

Mentor Works can help you develop an business plan that addresses all key areas of your business’ growth.

We provide varying levels of support from business plan analysis to comprehensive business plan development, including deep insights for:

Business Plan Commercialization Strategy

Commercialization Strategy
How will you get new products to market, who are your targets, what does the path to commercialization look like?
Business Plan Marketing Plan Marketing Plan and Market Entry Strategies
Shifting into a new market requires extensive planning to ensure you understand how you’ll position yourself for success.
Business Plan Human Resources and Training Plan Human Resources and Training Plans
Development of onboarding documentation, training plans, succession planning, cross-training, review documentation and processes, and professional development plans.
Business Plan Fundraising and Financing Fundraising and Financing
Documentation to attract external investment, venture capital (VC) and investor attraction packages, and exit planning.
Business Plan Sales Forecasting and Cash Flow Planning Sales Forecasting and Cashflow Planning
Develop reasonable and attainable sales forecasts, cash flow plans, as well as the sales plans to help realize your growth.

What’s the Value of a Business Plan?

A business plan can include any number of documents and is used for a variety of purposes. A comprehensive business plan provides a range of benefits to companies – both early-stage and established firms can benefit. By engaging a third party to review your existing strategy and provide you with a detailed strategic approach, you can gain an outsider’s valuable opinion on your business, feedback on your growth plan, and advice on best practices to help you grow.

Startups, Scale-ups, and Early-Stage Businesses

A detailed business plan is critical to securing investment through private raises, traditional bank financing, and government incentives. It can also help to manage your growth plan and track your progress to growth goals. Ultimately, it will help you deliver better results faster.

Established Firms

Business plans can be used as a management tool for the company. Internal leaders can use it to manage their goals and align their team to the business’ growth objectives. Project-specific plans can be used to present to the Board, or to source additional investment/buy-in for larger projects. They are also used for consensus building/internal alignment on priorities and stakeholder engagement.

Business Planning Process: How Our Engagement Works

Our process involves the client from start to finish. Our process is flexible to your needs. Most engagements follow a similar path:

  1. Interview and Information Gathering: We review your existing documentation, financial details, marketing details, and interview key stakeholders in the business to gain background on your company and your goals.
  2. Initial Plan Drafting: Our team reviews your information and develops an initial draft of your business plan. This is typically an outline of the document with additional questions or requests for clarification on details. We review this with you and your team either face to face or via teleconference.
  3. Draft Completion: We complete the draft and present it to your team for review. We then solicit your team for feedback on content prior to sending it through our publication process.
  4. Revision and Publishing: We revise content based on your feedback and send it through our publishing team who creates required graphics, tables, adds images, ensures compliance with copyright on sourced images, complete layout, and present in final format.
  5. Presentation of Completed Plan: Our team then meets with you in person or via teleconference to present the final product. We go through the plan in detail and provide you with the completed product.

The Mentor Works Advantage for Business Plan Development

Mentor Works has over a decade of experience supporting business growth in Canada. We know what it takes to deliver on complex projects, and can help you develop a dynamic, impactful business plan. Most importantly, our team helps you save time. On average, our projects provide clients a 90% time savings. Let us manage the process and get it done efficiently. We’re agile and can customize our approach to meet your needs.

Our Approach:

Plan: We partner with your firm to understand your unique needs as a business and work with you to develop the appropriate path forward. Whether it’s a short executive summary and investor pitch deck or a full business plan with financial analysis, we’re able to develop a custom solution for your need.
Build: Our team develops your unique business documentation, review and revise, and present a completed package that meets your needs.
Enable: We provide you with the tools and resources to keep your documentation up-to-date and to use in a variety of settings. We’ll work with your team to deploy the strategic approach created and develop internal ownership.

Contact our team today to discuss business plan development. We’ll begin with a complimentary assessment to determine your needs and develop a custom solution.

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Posted: January 18, 2019. Updated: April 12, 2019.