Government Business Grants Coaching Services

As part of the Canadian government grants process, we offer our clients coaching services to help improve project planning, cash flow planning, and communication strategies.

Our coaching services are just one component of our comprehensive Canadian government funding application preparation services and are a value added support for our clients. Mentor Works’ team has worked directly in the Canadian government funding space and has our finger on the pulse of how funds operate and what it takes to prepare a winning application.

Many of the larger government grants for small business require a longer application process that can include forecasting, developing a business plan, identifying project teams, and identifying strategies and mechanisms for managing the project. Given the wealth of experience and expertise on our team, we support our clients in developing these plans and providing them with strategies for project success that can be applied to other areas of the business, thereby generating on-going improvements.

Positioning Projects for Small Business Funding Success

We coach business owners on developing projects and help identify priorities and strategic outcomes to align their business projects with the best Canadian government grants.

Often we find businesses who target funding programs for the money, not the impact and in doing so lose sight of their immediate priorities: improved strategic investment, improved cash flows, increased R&D spending, and improved HR spending. We help coach business owners on separating priorities into manageable projects, each with their own milestones and goals to ensure successful outcomes.

Identifying the Right Funding Solutions for your Business

When you meet with a Mentor Works Canadian Government Funding Planner, you will receive strategic planning coaching services to help identify the best strategies for cash flow planning and project timing. We go through all of the funding details with your team – we review your projects and determine best fit for Canadian government funding to optimize your spending. If you would like to learn more about specific funds available to businesses please refer to our Canadian government funding table here:

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Identifying Projects and Team Strengths

Mentor Works identifies the core strengths and behaviours and those of the immediate team members to provide a clear understanding of how to select and optimize the greatest assets in any business – human potential. As part of our Canadian government grants funding support process, we help identify the internal team needed to ensure a project’s success. This helps improve outcomes of the projects by increasing efficiencies. Please explore our Pricing & Packages  to find the best solution for your needs.