Government Funding Project Management

Mentor Works’ project management solutions and consultation services are based on supplying the resource tools and teaching the implementation strategies compared to discussing only the “what and why” factors. By teaching our clients how to analyze and understand financial performance, strategic decision making becomes easier and growth initiatives become more visible.

Our team of Government Funding Planners provide project management support by helping business understand critical components, timing, contingencies, and externalities. We help businesses parse out their strategic investments into manageable projects, each with their own deliverables, goals, and milestones. In this way we can transform the way a company approaches projects and project management to ensure success.

Understanding how to develop and manage a project is a critical component of the Canadian government grants process. Your small business needs to understand and adopt a project management methodology, establish clear timelines for deliverables and milestones, and utilize measurable metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for determining project success. Almost every Canadian government funding program requires the business to identify how the project will be managed.

Mentor Works: Managing Businesses’ Funding Journey

After engaging Mentor Works to support your business through the Canadian government funding process you will have access to a range of project management support services, including:

  • Project Evaluation;
  • GANTT Chart Creation/Analysis;

  • Team Analysis;
  • Project Development;

  • Project Timelines & Milestones; and
  • Management Advice and Support.

Our clients’ desire is for us to enable strategic thinking in each functional area for optimal growth. By sharing innovation challenges, combined insights and brainstorming can begin to uncover elements and components to build a solid project. Our project management strategies can help your team optimize efficiency and leverage small business grants. For information on pricing, please visit our Pricing & Packages Page.

The Mentor Works Canadian Government Grants Process

Our process involves the client from start to finish. We provide a complete solution for businesses looking to acquire and leverage Canadian government grants. By providing strategic advice for project management we help our clients position their projects for success in acquiring government funding. Remember, we write hundreds of applications each month; we know what each program’s ideal projects and impacts are and will integrate this knowledge into your funding plan.

In addition to project management advice we provide clients with a range of information and resources to ensure they understand the entire Canadian business grants process to help with on-going cash flow planning and strategic planning.

If you are just getting started with the process and would like to learn more about Canadian government grants and small business funding opportunities in Canada please register for one of our free business funding events. We are constantly updating our events page so check back often!

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