The Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF) is a Canadian government funding program awarded to support the large-scale research and development of sustainable, innovative, fuel-efficient vehicles. Ideal projects for this program will improve the automotive R&D capacity and knowledge-based jobs in Canada, support the government’s environmental agenda, develop innovative, fuel-efficient technologies or processes, incur a long-term economic benefit to Canada, and attract further investments to foster Canadian competitiveness.

  • Amount: Grants or repayable funding contributions range from $16M-80M. Project value must be at least $75 million. Automotive funding will support 10-15% of costs (over 5 years). Repayable contributions are interest-free unless applicant misses a payment.
  • Projects: New automotive product development, prototyping, advanced product testing, development of new production methods, or new or expanded facilities for cutting edge fuel-efficient auto components.
  • Timeline: Program closed to applications; now revised into the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF).
  • Eligibility: Canadian based corporations in the automotive sector with projects valued at $75 million over 5 years. Should have a strong focus on innovation, R&D, and environmental sustainability.

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