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CanExport provides up to $50 million in federal Canadian government funding over five years to businesses in order to support their export marketing and international expansion activities. The program funds up to 1000 exporters per year and help them to improve their sales and brand exposure in international markets through trade shows and marketing activities, packaging modifications, and market research.

  • Amount: Up to 50% of eligible expenses or $10,000-50,000 in cost matching funds per application. Up to two applications can be submitted per year.
  • Projects: Enables marketing activities in export markets not sold to in the last 24 months, including one trade show, on-site translation, marketing material adaptation/translation, market research, and related costs.
  • Timeline: Only one project open at any one time. Businesses cannot have sold to the target market within the last 24 months.
  • Eligibility: 1-250 people on payroll, $200k-50M in annual, taxed revenues, 1+ years incorporated or a limited liability partnership (LLP).

Top CanExport Resources:

  • CanExport Program Overview Blog: An overview of  CanExport’s funding contributions, company eligibility, and ideal project types for
  • CanExport Eligibility Criteria Blog: Eligible expenses, project types, and businesses who can apply for the CanExport program. Use this information to plan your projects and maximize small business funding amounts.
  • FAQs for CanExport Grants: If you still have questions after reviewing the CanExport overview and eligibility resources, this blog may be helpful to fill in any remaining knowledge gaps.
  • Trade Shows to Use CanExport Funding For: Ready to use CanExport funding for a trade show in 2018? Explore international trade show opportunities for which your business could access exporting grants.

Recent CanExport News:

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