Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) Soft Landing Program

The CDMN Soft Landing Program was created to assist startups and young businesses carry out international commercialization and export market development activities through funding support, as well as startup incubator resources.

  • Amount: Up to $4,000 + access to local incubator’s resources.
  • Timeline: Projects can be up to three months in length. Company does not have to spend 3 months at international market site, but has 3 months from their assigned date of departure to spend the $4,000.
  • Eligibility: For-profit SMEs and mature startups.
  • Projects: International commercialization and market development activities.

Top CDMN Soft Landing Program Resources

  • CDMN Soft Landing Program Overview: Learn more about the program focus for the CDMN and how the Canadian government grants could benefit your business.
  • CDMN Soft Landing Program Eligibility Criteria: Review if your startup or SME is eligible to receive export market development funding from the Soft Landing Program. Included you will find more details on the businesses who may apply, as well as projects and project expenses that are eligible for funding contributions.

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