Growing Forward 2 – Ontario: Organizations & Collaborations

The Agricultural and Adaptation Council (AAC) administers the Growing Forward 2 Ontario Organizations & Collaborations stream as a five-year program to encourage innovation, competitiveness, and adaptability in the agricultural sector by encouraging collaborations and partnerships between industry players.

  • Amount: Up to 50-75% of eligible project costs on a cost-sharing basis (grant).
  • Timeline: Periodic call for proposals are announced by the Agricultural and Adaptation Council (AAC) based on their board meetings.
  • Eligibility: Ontario based non-profit organization or collaboration of for-profit, not-for-profit or academic institutions. Projects must fit with one of Growing Forward 2’s key focus areas.
  • Projects: Environmental & climate change adaptation, animal & plant health, assurance systems (food safety, traceability, animal welfare), market development, labour productivity enhancement, and business & leadership development.

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