Please Note: JPF is closed. Please consider the Business Scale-up and Productivity program for similar support.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Growth (MEDG) launched the 10-year Jobs and Prosperity Fund (JPF) with $2.5B in funding to improve Ontario businesses’ global competitiveness through a commitment to innovation, export expansion, and productivity enhancements.

  • Amount: The Jobs and Prosperity Fund offers three streams: (1) New Economy (minimum $10M project size), (2) Food and Beverage Growth Fund (minimum $5M project size), and (3) Strategic Partnerships (minimum $10M project size).
  • Timeline: Closed. Please refer to FedDev Ontario’s Business Scale-up and Productivity program for similar support.
  • Eligibility: Businesses must be incorporated for at least 3 years. Strategic Partnerships must have at least 2 or more anchor firms. This program is reserved for businesses that show significant impacts on industry innovation, job creation, and export revenue.

 Top Jobs and Prosperity Fund Resources:

  • Jobs and Prosperity Fund (JPF) Overview Blog: Learn about the Jobs and Prosperity Fund, including the purpose for its creation and its three streams of funding that businesses can apply towards.
  • Jobs and Prosperity Fund Eligibility Criteria: Interested Ontario businesses can learn more in-depth eligibility factors about this popular business expansion funding program. Discover if your business is eligible, how much money it could receive, and types of projects that could be used to receive JPF funding.

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