The Rural Economic Development Fund (RED) supports regional economic development activities in rural southern Ontario communities. The program currently focuses on non-profits, organizations and associations, and municipal governments, and provides them with additional resources to carry out projects that boost regional economic opportunities.

  • Amount: Up to 50% of eligible expenses; maximum $100,000. Exceptional projects may receive up to 90%.
  • Timeline: Program is currently closed and not accepting applications.
  • Projects: Planning and implementation of sector development/diversification projects. Focused on innovation and collaboration to improve the supply chain in rural Ontario (municipalities with <100k population).
  • Eligibility: Non-profits, organizations, associations, municipalities in rural southern Ontario.

Top Rural Economic Development Fund (RED) Resources:

  • RED Overview Blog: Gain an understanding of this Ontario government grant program available to projects the help develop the province’s rural regions.
  • RED Eligibility BlogLearn more about the Rural Economic Development Fund’s specific qualifications and how to get started on your application.
  • Rural Economic Development Program Deadline: Planning on applying for RED funding in 2018? Use this blog to further understand your eligibility and when to submit applications.

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Posted: May 9, 2014. Updated: February 12, 2019.