TECTERRA was created to invest in in the commercialization of geomatics technology and offers a full range of support programs to enable businesses within Canada to bring innovative geomatics solutions to market. TECTERRA offers both federal and provincial funding programs that aim to reinforce commercialization, business support, career opportunities for high qualified personnel, and networking.

Top TECTERRA Funding Program Resources

  • TECTERRA Programs Overview: Learn more about each of the five TECTERRA funding streams, including the focus of each, how much funding may be awarded, and high-level eligibility requirements.

TECTERRA Funding for Canadian Small Business

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  • TECTERRA BUILD: Repayable funding for the development and commercialization of new, innovative geospatial technologies.
  • TECTERRA LAUNCH: Repayable funding to support the commercialization of new, innovative geospatial technologies.
  • TECTERRA HIRE: Grants to hire a new employee to contribute to the success of the development or commercialization of a geospatial innovation.
  • TECTERRA GROW: Offers Alberta government grants to help geomatics companies offset the cost of business skills training.
  • TECTERRA SHOW: Grant funding for geomatics companies to exhibit at up to two trade shows per year.

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