CME SMART Green Funding for Energy Efficiency Projects

Please Note: The CME SMART Green program is now closed. Please explore active government funding programs.

The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters association created the CME SMART Green Program to accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies that improve a company’s productivity and energy efficiency. Manufacturers who reduce or avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while simultaneously improving productivity may be eligible for grants to offset assessment and capital investment costs.

  • Amount: Up to 50% to a maximum $15,000 grant for GHG assessments (up to 100% if assessments lead to an investment project, up to $30,000 if assessments require gas metering) and 50% to a maximum $500,000 per facility for investment projects focused on reducing GHG intensity. Up to $1.5M available for a maximum 5 facilities, or per group of affiliated companies.
  • Timeline: Program closed as of July 3, 2018.
  • Eligibility: Ontario manufacturers with a minimum of 10 employees. Not necessary to be a member of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME). Manufacturers must emit less than 25,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, (energy assessment audits available) and not be participating in Ontario’s Cap and Trade program. Must be a financially stable business in operation for 3+ years and be incorporated at the time of application.

Top CME SMART Green Fund Resources

  • CME Green Fund Program Overview: Manufacturers can discover how the CME Green Fund will help reduce GHG emissions and enable greater productivity.
  • CME Green Grants Eligibility Criteria: Interested in the CME Green Fund but unsure what types of projects can be funded? This blog reviews all of the program’s key eligibility details, including if your business qualifies for the fund, and includes a comprehensive of projects that may be completed.
  • CME SMART Green Fund Program Update: The CME SMART Green Fund has undergone changes to broaden the support provided to Ontario manufacturers. Discover the new funding opportunities available for your upcoming GHG reduction project.
  • How to Become a CME SMART Green QTSP: Manufacturing and GHG environmental consultants may be able to become a Qualified Technical Service Provider (QTSP) for the CME SMART Green Program.

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