Green Municipal Fund - Federation of Canadian Municipalities

The Green Municipal Fund (GMF) is a Canadian government funding program that provides financial support to municipalities demonstrating an innovative solution or approach to environmental issues. As administered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, it supports all stages of environmental projects, including planning, conducting feasibility studies, leading pilot projects, or investing in capital projects.

  • Amount: Each stream has unique contribution amounts: Plans: Up to 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum $175k; Feasibility Studies: Up to 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum $175k; Pilot Projects: Up to 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum $350k; Capital Projects: Up to 80% of eligible expenses to a maximum loan of $5M, with grant amount as 15% of loan (applicants with high-ranking projects may be eligible for a loan of up to $10M).
  • Timeline: Continuous intake of applications for streams 1-3. For Capital Projects, there is a two-stage application process with recurring deadlines. Next deadline for Initial Review Forms is March 1, 2020.
  • Eligibility: Municipal government applicants and their partners (municipally-owned orgs.; non-municipally owned orgs.; private sector companies; NFPs; NGOs; any other types of orgs.).
  • Project Focus: Sustainable neighbourhoods/brownfields; energy efficiency/recovery; transportation/fuel efficiency; water quality/conservation; waste management/diversion.

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Posted: January 30, 2018. Updated: January 17, 2020.