SDTC Tech Fund – Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Offered through Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), the SD Tech Fund subsidizes expenses related to late stage development or pre-commercialization strategies of clean technologies. Covers cost of capital items, goods and services, and personnel labor costs, depreciation expenses. Prepares business for downstream financing.

  • Amount: A 33% Contribution. SDTC will pay one funding milestone in advance.
  • Timeline: Continuous intake. 4-6 milestones in each eligible project.
  • Eligibility Factors: More focused on clean air, water, & climate change. Environmental projects. Will fund projects that supports the productivity improvements and competitiveness of Canadian industries.

 Top SD Tech Fund Resources:

  • SD Tech Fund Overview Blog: This article includes information about the purpose of this fund, along with a detailed explanation of the application process.
  • SD Tech Fund Eligibility Criteria Blog: Learn about the eligibility requirements for these small business grants. Discover if your business, project, or specific project expenses can be covered by SDTC.

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