The Canada Summer Jobs program is a Canadian government grant that offers support for employers providing supervised career-related work experience for youth employees. The experiences gained through funded placements should further develop their skills and knowledge, preparing them to make a transition into employment.

  • Amount: Public and private sector employers can receive hiring grants up to 50% of employee minimum hourly rate. Non-profits can receive grants up to 100% of minimum wage plus Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCs). This amount is capped at a maximum $300,000 per employer/province or territory. Maximum 40 hours/week/employee can be included.
  • Timeline: The current intake application deadline is January 29, 2021.
  • Eligibility: Businesses, non-profits, and public sector employers with 50 or fewer employees. Positions must be full-time (30+ hours/week) and span for 6-16 weeks.
  • Candidate Focus: Youth ages 15-30 that will benefit from temporary summer work experiences.

Canada Summer Jobs Resources

Canada Summer Jobs Overview Blog: Growing interest in wage subsidies, such as the Canada Summer Jobs program, has resulted in additional funding from the federal government.

Canadian Government Funding for Small Business

Posted: March 29, 2011. Updated: January 19, 2021