The R&D Project Hiring Grants program offers business funding to host a post-secondary or post-graduate researcher towards a specific research project where they can apply their knowledge and tools. The program has two streams – a four month internship valued at $20,000 and a 12 month fellowship valued at $85,000. Companies may contribute their portion of the intern/fellow’s wages 50% as cash and 50% in-kind.

  • Amount: Two streams available for 4- or 12-month internships and fellowships:
    i. Internship Component: Up to $10,000 in grant funding towards post-secondary student or graduate internship for four months at 50% coverage. Company contributes 25% cash and 25% in-kind. Up to 6 candidates per application.ii. Fellowship Component: Up to $35,000 ($32,500 cash + $2,500 in-value for professional development) towards a PhD graduate or post-doctoral fellows for 12 months. Company contributes $25,000 cash plus $25,000 in-kind . Up to 2 candidates per application.
  • Timeline: Applications are accepted at any time, but capacity for program streams and varies throughout the year. Review typically takes 6 weeks.
  • Eligibility: Interns must be a senior undergraduate student, graduate student, or recent graduate (within three years of graduation). Fellows must hold a PhD in any discipline completed within the last five years. Industry partners must be for-profit within Ontario (not-for-profit will be considered on a case-by-case basis). Internships and fellowships must be project-based.

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  • R&D Project Hiring Grants Eligibility: Discover what it takes for your business to qualify for R&D Project Hiring Grants funding. This blog also reviews the types of research projects that may be accepted, as well as expenses that can be claimed as part of your Ontario government grant.

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