Alberta Innovates is a public crown corporation and economic development agency. The organization provides access to research grants and other financial incentives to offset the costs of performing R&D in collaboration with academic researchers, other businesses, and public institutions. There are several research and development funding programs provided through Alberta Innovates; all of them are aimed at accelerating projects so that innovations can be commercialized faster.

Alberta Innovates Funding for Alberta Small Businesses

The following programs are all included under the umbrella of supported provided by Alberta Innovates. If your small business is looking for research funding, this list is a great place to start. For assistance in understanding which stream provides the best fit for your upcoming project, please contact Mentor Works.

  • Product Demonstration Program: Collaborative commercialization projects such as the testing or showcasing of advanced technologies.
  • Industry R&D Associates Program: Hiring a research associate to provide expertise into research, development, and commercialization projects related to innovative technologies.
  • Industry Commercialization Associates Program: Hiring a research associate to provide expertise into the manufacturing, distribution, marketing, or sales of innovative products.
  • The Alberta Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative: Projects up to 5 years in length where SME technology developers can be matched with potential end-users who can test, evaluate, and provide feedback on the R&D process.
  • Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program: Collaborative research and development projects involving business entities in Alberta and Ontario, as well as academic research institutions in both provinces.
  • Accelerating Innovations Into Care: Partnering with healthcare providers or post-secondary institutions to complete clinical testing and validate the impacts of an innovative health technology.
  • Voucher Program: Mid-to-late stage development of technologies where multiple product or service providers are needed to advance towards commercialization.
  • Micro-Voucher Program: Development of early-stage startups through financing of market assessments, training, and intellectual property.

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