Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation (CONII)

Enables colleges to work with local companies on applied research projects and collaborations that facilitate commercialization, technology transfer, and adaptation and adoption of new technologies. These projects can provide technical and business services such as: proof of principle projects and testing, prototype and process development, business planning, marketing strategies, market research, industrial design, and other commercialization strategies.

  • Amount: The Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) will assist in connecting Ontario’s SME to applied research and commercialization expertise through a network of 24 Ontario Colleges.
  • Timeline: OCE will respond usually within 2 weeks after the posting of the Expression of Interest Form.
  • Eligibility Factors: Ontario-based operation with local R&D activities within Ontario.

Top CONII Canadian business grants Resources:

  • Overview Blog:  Learn more about CONII funding for commercialization strategies.

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