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Mentor Works strives to help businesses across Canada leverage Canadian government grants and loans. We work with clients across a wide range of industries and regions, however businesses need to meet the following eligibility factors in order to be eligible for most government funding for small business:

  • Incorporated for at least 3 years;
  • 5 or more payroll employees;
  • At least $500,000 in annual revenues;

  • Add value to the supply chain via internal manufacturing or research and development activities; and
  • Not an exclusive retailer or distributor.

These are general eligibility factors and businesses should consult specific Canadian government funding programs for a comprehensive set of eligibility factors and criteria.

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Types of Canadian Government Funding

If you are an established business, there are some things you should know about funding; subsidies are offered in varying formats. Grants, repayable funding, and tax credits are all unique funding types, each with different benefits to a business.

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Key Industries & Business Types

The Canadian government business grants available to your business depends on your industry, region, and the projects that you are looking to carry out. The government offers industry specific programs, such as Canadian government grants for the following sectors:

  • Aerospace and aviation;
  • Agriculture, including food and beverage processing;
  • Advanced manufacturing;
  • Automotive;

  • Cleantech and energy management/efficiency technologies;
  • ICT and Digital Media; and
  • Research based professional services.

Mentor Works: The Canadian Government Funding Experts

We have helped businesses across all of the above industries obtain millions in small business grants and loans. Please browse our Mentor Works Testimonials andto learn more about how Canadian businesses have leveraged our expertise in order to obtain funding towards their strategic initiatives.

Small Business Funding Grants and Loans for Start-ups

As it turns out, most Canadian and Ontario government grants and loans are only applicable to businesses that have been incorporated for at least three years. This is not to say that start-ups and entrepreneurs do not have resources available to them. We provide resources to help start-up companies get their idea off the ground and solidify their growth path and financing to assist with their advancement.

Several resources are available to help start-ups with incorporating and growing their business. Learn more about the resources and services we offer for Startup Funding, or get started by downloading a free Startup Funding Checklist.

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