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About Mentor Works

Mentor Works was created for the purpose of helping Canadian small businesses find and leverage government funding. Our team provides comprehensive solutions to business owners looking for Canadian government grants and loans. We offer a wide variety of online resources to educate the general public, which supplements our personalized approach to funding.

Our team meets directly with business owners via workshops, webinars, and one-on-one funding strategy sessions to determine what their strategic initiatives are for the next 12-24 months. Mentor Works then pairs those strategic initiatives with funding programs. We are not a funding organization; we are a funding support services company, guiding businesses towards the right sources of cash, while minimizing their time with the funding application process.

Why Work for Mentor Works?

Mentor Works is a fast-paced, adaptive, and innovative company that excels off of each team member’s dedication and ideas. You will see the direct impact of your efforts and the business is consistently improving based off of everyone’s feedback and ideas.

Knowing that Mentor Works helps businesses grow and innovate is also very rewarding. Our team gains insights into business trends, growth plans, and strategic initiatives, and we are able to directly impact each business’ ability to obtain their goals through funding.

Bernadeen McLeod, President and Founder of Mentor Works, is also a very strong leader. Her ideals and growth plans for each team member ensures long-term employee satisfaction and development. When you work for Mentor Works, you will be comfortable with your development plans. As the business grows, so will you.


  • Professional Development: Construct and execute a development plan with our dedicated Business Process Analyst to ensure that you are advancing your skills and strengths.
  • Flexibility: Create and manage a pipeline of clients and strategic partners in order to meet your targets with guidance from a Sales Management expert.
  • Grow as a Team: Feel your personal impact on the overall company’s growth by gaining insight into key performance metrics and celebrating the team’s successes.
  • Help Grow the Economy: Help business owners access funding to become more competitive and innovate; you’ll be impacting the advancement of the entire Canadian economy.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to jobs(at) to be considered for any of the following positions and include the job title in the Subject field of your email. We thank all applicants for their interest, however can only respond to those selected for an interview.

Business Funding Analyst

The Business Funding Analyst will work directly with Team Leads to write funding applications that range from $10,000 to $20,000,000 in size. These funding applications are positioned to assist our clients’ businesses with projects including business expansion, research & development, capital investment, and hiring initiatives. The Business Funding Analyst will report to a Team Lead.

Role Responsibilities

Preparation and Submission of Funding Proposals (90%): Work directly with a Team Lead on the preparation and submission of funding proposals. This includes synthesizing project information gathered from research, client meetings, notes from the sales team or team lead, and previous funding proposals. We typically write 90%+ of content in a written submission; this content can range from a single paragraph to more than 70 pages. A Team Lead will review your work and provide feedback for changes or improvement before submitting. Tasks include:

  • Research and Analysis: Research through a variety of online sources, market reports, client data, and interview notes to develop a coherent narrative for a funding proposal.
  • Application Preparation/Writing: Applications include varying combinations of a project and/or business focus depending on the nature of the request for funding. You will work with your team to write drafts and/or review business plans and/or formal application files.
  • Systemization/Document Management: As documentation (e.g. financial statements, quotes, etc.) for a project comes in, you are responsible for filing and storing the documents appropriately on our system. Additionally, the Analyst is responsible for maintaining the integrity and consistency of our file management system.

Other (10%): Support administrative and other duties as required by the company. This can include:

  • Administrative Support: CRM recordkeeping, emails, and reporting to Team Leads.
  • Internal Meetings: Meeting prep and facilitation for weekly team meetings and Pod-specific meetings.
  • Other: Special projects may be assigned on an on-going basis, these can include blog writing, marketing support, systems development, etc.

Role Qualities

  • Variety: The role includes exposure to many different business sectors. We work with clients across a variety of sectors including industrial manufacturing, food processing and production, aerospace, software, tech, geomatics, and other B2B and B2C manufacturing.
  • Autonomy: You will be responsible to meet client deadlines and provide exceptional quality and turnaround on services. This will include ownership of your workload and schedule.
  • Passionate Team: Personality is key and that’s why we have been so successful in having a vibrant team. You will be working with a group of dedicated and hard working individuals all working towards a unified goal of exceptional service to our clients.
  • Continuous Learning: we provide opportunities for continuous learning and also have an expectation that our candidates will be dedicated to improving their industry specific knowledge and experience.

Qualifications – Required

  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Social Sciences, or Business
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • 1+ years of experience in industry; various experience acceptable
  • Strong decision-making skills; ability to work with limited information
  • Experience in scenario planning and cost justification of investments/spend
  • Ability to work under pressure and tight timelines

Qualifications – Preferred

  • Experience in proposal writing
  • Experience preparing business and marketing plans
  • Industry experience in roles that include strategic planning, project management, or similar. Ideally, experience in a manufacturing or advanced technology sector

Understanding of accounting and finance practices; ability to interpret an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Apply by emailing our résumé and cover letter to jobs(at) or pressing the button below to launch your email client.

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Business Development Executive

Educate | Problem Solve | Strategize

The successful candidate will work directly with Ontario businesses to assess their strategic challenges and growth opportunities. By evaluating these key aspects of the businesses, the Business Development Manager will formulate plans to overcome these obstacles and take advantage of these opportunities through various government funding mechanisms and other resources and strategies. The ongoing expectations for the role include:

Business Development – 80%

Meeting with 4 clients per day on average for one-on-one review of initiatives and funding opportunities; primarily in person but also via webinar tools.

  • Prospective clients may be generated due to workshops, online webinars, email campaigns, or direct referrals. On average 80% of prospects may be assigned with meeting scheduled automatically by a lead coordinator.
  • Preparation of preliminary documentation and information materials for prospective clients; several tools are available for customization, in addition to standard materials.
  • Documentation of sales progress via entry into a CRM system; entry is required 2 times per week; in the event that prospective clients are from webinars, workshops, or email campaigns, the basic details may already be entered.

Process Initiation & Management – 10%

Transition successful deal to a respective internal team member for the writing process to begin;

  • On average 80% of successful deals will be automatically assigned based on expertise of respective funding program and capacity.
  • You will be responsible for making the appropriate introductions and communicating known key details.
  • This may involve a follow-up joint meeting, email introductions, or conference. In the event of communication issues while completing the writing process, your involvement may be required to reach out to the client & resolve.

Client Success Practices – 10%

Collaboration with colleagues on Customer Service Management to study what our clients continue require on government incentives and cash flow planning services and tools.


  • Lead workshops and other public speaking opportunities to establish a connection with new prospects and develop relationships with key strategic partners.
  • Meet with strategic partners to identify new needs and opportunities within their respective industry or member base. Present findings to the research & marketing team for new development as needed.
  • Maintain knowledge of new and existing funding programs including key criteria and details required to effectively pair programs with various initiatives; all research is compiled internally into several available learning tools.
  • Meet with the writing team once per week (Monday) to discuss opportunities, progress, issues, etc.
  • Travel will be required to reach the various clients across Southern Ontario and hours may increase beyond regular hours depending on funding schedules and active client numbers. There will be opportunities to learn the details of this process through a shadowing process with Bernadeen McLeod, the owner of Mentor Works Ltd.


  • 5+ years of experience in a sales role (please detail past sales performance in résumé and/or cover letter)
  • Business development experience across manufacturing, agriculture, and/or tech industries is preferred with a documentation of past success
  • Ability to support the activities of the team to ensure client commitments are completed in a timely manner
  • Experienced public speaker in workshop settings
  • Excellent verbal, written, communication, organization, and analytical skills
  • Self-motivated and ability to work in a variety of environments
  • Strong experience and commitment to modern sales tools and supporting technology
  • Advanced use of Outlook 2013 and Exchange: Categories, Calendar Management, & Rules
  • Advanced Experience in a SME level ERP/CRM system such as Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel, etc
  • Familiarity with Lync or similar webinar and conference technology
  • Familiarity with Dropbox or similar cloud storage systems.
  • Basic Excel 2013: multi-field filtering & sorting, pdf preparation

Compensation will be negotiated based upon experience and will consist of base + performance incentives.

Apply by emailing our résumé and cover letter to jobs(at) or pressing the button below to launch your email client.

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