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What are the Benefits of Government Funding for Canadian Businesses?

Canadian government grants and loans are carefully distributed to support the development of competitive, growth-oriented companies. Considerable time and resources are devoted from the federal and provincial governments across Canada to support these initiatives and strengthen emerging industries. As result, significant incentives exist for mature businesses who prioritize domestic and

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Innovating Food with Universities & Canadian Government Funding

Innovation is critical to the long-term success of agri-food producers and processors. Whether it’s developing a new disease-resistant strain of crop, modifying product ingredients, or redesigning packaging, consistently innovating products or processes will help to remain competitive in an increasingly complex marketplace.
Although large agri-food companies can innovate internally, smaller food

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How to Optimize the Value of Canadian Government Funding for Projects

Proper planning is critical to accessing Canadian government funding, allowing businesses to align their projects’ timelines with funding programs’ deadlines. A common challenge among business owners is the limited internal resources available to explore government funding options and navigate the application process.

A strategy that we routinely teach business leaders about

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Funding Roadmap: Navigating the Application Process

Businesses can take several different approaches when applying for Canadian government funding. Some companies develop and submit applications internally, while other firms voluntarily opt to receive external support throughout the funding process. Either application method can lead to a successful small business funding outcome, but understanding the differences between each

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Attracting Youth Top Talent to Your Team

Tactics & Trends from TalentEgg
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the following article are those of the guest author and do not necessarily represent or reflect Mentor Works Ltd.

When it comes to hiring students and new grads to join your team, half the battle can be simply reaching the

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How to Get Canadian Government Funding for Your Business

Canadian government funding is a powerful resource that helps action-oriented companies respond to market opportunities. It offers the potential for financial support towards project-related expenses that lead meet the government funding program’s objectives such as accessing new markets, developing innovative products, and improving productivity, among others. When used strategically, it

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