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You can utilize our grant writing services if your Canadian business is:

  • Incorporated For 2+ Years
  • Positive Net Income
  • Future Projects in Mind

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How We Connect Businesses with Funding

Funding Discovery Call

During a half hour call, we’ll get to know your business and what upcoming projects you have over the next one to five years so we can create a list of government grant and loan programs that your business may be eligible for.

Application Writing

Once we have a grant or loan program in mind, our application writing team will ask you a few questions about your business then take care of writing/submitting your application.

Be the First To Know About New Programs

New government funding programs open every week, and ongoing programs accept applications with a short intake window. Our Business Development team lets our clients know about new programs and intake periods before they’re announced on our site.

Why We’re Passionate About Government Funding

A Simplified Approach to Funding

To stimulate innovation, economic development, and competitiveness, Mentor Works provides Canadian businesses with tailored, dynamic expertise to access government funding solutions. Our simplified approach allows businesses to accelerate their top strategic priorities and focus on what they do best.

Our Experienced & Hardworking Team

Mentor Works’ team of government funding specialists work directly with clients to design and implement tailored solutions to support business growth. Our team has expertise in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and advanced software and hardware technologies.

Helping Businesses Access Grants and Loans

For over a decade, Mentor Works has been a critical factor in helping businesses identify and leverage growth opportunities. We work with hundreds of growth-oriented companies each year to enable their strategic plans and drive greater productivity, innovation, and exports.

Why Apply With Mentor Works?

Purpose Statement: To stimulate innovation, economic development, and competitiveness, Mentor Works provides Canadian businesses with tailored, dynamic expertise to access government funding solutions.


If we don’t believe your business will be approved for a program, we won’t write it.
Simple as that.

Success Rate

We live and breathe government funding. With over a decade of experience, we’ve become Canada’s #1 application writers.

Time Savings

Applications can be upwards of 80+ pages! We provide our clients an average of 95% time savings, freeing up your internal resources.

Outside Perspective

You know your business, we know funding.
Our application writers are masters
at turning your innovative projects into
applications that impress the government.

Insider Knowledge

We’re in contact with the federal and provincial governments every day to know when new programs are releasing and
what businesses should be applying.

Apply Early

New programs open weekly, and ongoing programs have short application deadlines.
We keep track of these timelines and reach out to you when a relevant program opens.

Funding FAQs

Yes, but not to the same extent as established SMEs. Generally you need to be incorporated for at least two years to apply for non-repayable funds (small business grants), but there is a considerable amount of funding to support activities such as product and process applied research, engineering design, technology acceleration, product testing, certification, marketing studies, proof of concept, piloting and demonstration, and pre-commercialization activities.

You can focus on groups like MaRS that provide market research studies and business project support from local universities and colleges. Mentor Works also offers resources for startups and entrepreneurs. Startups can download our Free Funding Checklist to align your business for future funding success.

Regional Innovation Centres (RICs) are another good source for provincial and federal funds. They also provide great business planning tools and support to help you determine the right strategies for growth. As a first step, contact your local business centre for more information on startup resources and support.

Both the provincial and federal governments offer small business funding programs and services. There are two common ways companies search for Canadian government funding programs, including looking by their province/operating region and exploring by their project/investment area.

Companies can also refer to our library of programs for a comprehensive view of the various small business funding grants and low interest repayable loans available to Canadian businesses.

In order to be eligible for any Canadian government funding, businesses need to be incorporated for at least three years and have at least five people on payroll, although each program has their own eligibility requirements. This is to establish the financial stability of the organization. Generally speaking, most Canadian government grant programs are positioned to support incorporated small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations.

Please consult our Canadian Small Business Funding Guide for more information about funding eligibility criteria and access our blog for program-specific eligibility factors.

To be awarded Canadian government funding, a business’s financial health is important. Generally, a current balance sheet and income statement must be submitted with the application. At minimum, some financial information will be required, such as a letter from your financial officer.

There are also several Internet resources to support the planning components. As part of our process, we support the development of customized business and project plans to act as supporting documentation for your funding application where necessary.

The application process is unique to each project and program. Review the requirements for each application or program and evaluate the risk, benefit, timelines and objectives before you begin.

Most government funding applications require a compelling story to be told about a particular project. Companies should focus on explaining key benefits, including how productivity, innovation, and employment will change as result of the project. Speaking directly towards the specific focus and evaluation criteria of each program will help demonstrate high-quality projects. This is why engaging external support services, such as Mentor Works, is so valuable.

Approval periods depend on the scope and complexity of your project and the Canadian government funding program. Some programs respond after as little as 48 hours, some take 4-6 weeks, while others may require a 4-10 month waiting cycle once the online application is submitted.

You should carefully research this information to set clear expectations, and to ensure that you carry out the correct activities for the specific funding program – so there are no additional delays. Many grant and loan funding programs will not fund activities that have already occurred. If you are looking for retroactive funding, tax credits and incentives are your best options.

Additionally, depending on the program there may be specified intake periods during which applications are accepted so you will need to time your application and project accordingly.

Yes, but tracking methods vary. Some programs require reports each month, some at pre-established milestone dates and some at the end of the program only, where results have to be documented. Progress tracking is often related to how the money is dispersed. Mentor Works can provide insight into the reporting process and assist the follow-up necessary to access funding contributions; this is one more benefit of consulting government funding support.

The application process, and therefore the strategic planning and application support services needed, varies for each government funding program. For more information about pricing, please contact the Mentor Works team.

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What Services Can Ryan Offer Your Business?

Mentor Works is only a portion of the funding services we offer our clients. We’re part of Ryan, the largest firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes. Operating in over 60 countries with more than 20,000 clients globally.

Depending on the progress of your strategic growth projects, you may be eligible to receive:

  • Proactive government funding through grant, loan, or wage subsidies for eligible projects that haven’t started yet;
  • Continuous tax consultation through various tax services for eligible projects that are actively being worked on; and
  • Retroactive R&D tax credits for R&D projects that have already completed are currently active through the SR&ED program.