Jobs at Mentor Works

Interested in Advancing Your Career? Join Mentor Works!

Mentor Works was created for the purpose of helping Canadian small businesses find and leverage government funding. Our team provides comprehensive solutions to business owners looking for Canadian government grants and loans. We offer a wide variety of online resources to educate the general public, which supplements our personalized approach to funding.

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Our team meets directly with business owners via workshops, webinars, and one-on-one funding strategy sessions to determine what their strategic initiatives are for the next 12-24 months. Mentor Works then pairs those strategic initiatives with funding programs. We are not a funding organization; we are a funding support services company, guiding businesses towards the right sources of cash while minimizing their time with the funding application process.

Why Join the Mentor Works Team?

Mentor Works is a fast-paced, adaptive, and innovative company that excels off of each team member’s dedication and ideas. You will see the direct impact of your efforts and the business is consistently improving based off of everyone’s feedback and ideas.

Knowing that Mentor Works helps businesses grow and innovate is also very rewarding. Our team gains insights into business trends, growth plans, and strategic initiatives, and we are able to directly impact each business’ ability to obtain their goals through funding.


  • Professional Development: Construct and execute a development plan with our dedicated Business Process Analyst to ensure that you are advancing your skills and strengths.
  • Flexibility: Create and manage a pipeline of clients and strategic partners in order to meet your targets with guidance from a Sales Management expert.
  • Grow as a Team: Feel your personal impact on the overall company’s growth by gaining insight into key performance metrics and celebrating the team’s successes.
  • Help Grow the Economy: Help business owners access funding to become more competitive and innovate; you’ll be impacting the advancement of the entire Canadian economy.