Hiring Resources

Who You Hire Determines How You Grow.

Finding the right talent for your business is one of the most important tasks your business conducts. Knowing where to look and how to effectively attract talent can be one of your greatest competitive advantages.

Mentor Works is focused on finding hiring grants to subsidize your new hires and we have also curated a list of hiring resources to help you find and assess the talent. Please browse the resources below to tap into top job boards, tools to assess your candidates, and a hiring grant finder tool when you’re ready to apply for funding.

Have a candidate already? Find hiring grants to subsidize their payroll.

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Job Boards for Canadian Employers

The job board market is crowded. Below are a list of some of the most reputable job boards for Canadian employers.

Behavioural & Personality Assessments

Once you’ve posted your job, finding the right fit depends on more than just experience and educational background. These tools will assess your candidate’s personality and behavioural fit for a role and company. Some even show their potential within that role and other areas of your business.

Hiring Grants for New Employees

If your new hire isn’t yet on payroll, they might be eligible for a wage subsidy. We can help you identify potential funding for their salary.
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