Health Technologies Fund: New MedTech Funding Deadline Set for May 9, 2018

Health Technologies Fund (HTF) is an Ontario government grant that accelerates the development and adoption of innovative health technologies. It offers funding for collaborative technology commercialization projects where pre-commercial technologies are adopted and tested by public healthcare providers and/or academic researchers.
Technology developers may receive up to 50% of eligible project costs

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$99 Million in Automotive Business Funding Awarded to Linamar

Canada’s second-largest automotive manufacturing company, Linamar, is an internationally recognized corporation with 59 plants throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. Linamar provides a significant benefit to southern Ontario’s economy, employing over 25,000 workers and generating more than $6 billion in annual sales.
Recently, Linamar was awarded $99 million in automotive business

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Canada-Ontario Job Grant: Guideline Changes for 2018-2019

In March 2018 the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG), a popular training grant for Ontario-based employers, announced several changes. Among the most significant effects an increase in the number of businesses who can consider themselves a “small employer”, resulting in broader funding support for training projects.
Effective immediately, COJG funding will offset

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AgriMarketing Grants for Export Market Development

Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry is one of the country’s top export-oriented sectors. In 2016 alone, Canadian companies exported nearly $56 billion in products internationally and this figure is expected to continue growing as more agriculture and agri-food businesses join international markets.

Fortunately for food businesses, Canadian government funding is available

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How to Qualify for Rural Economic Development (RED) Grants

The Rural Economic Development (RED) program is an Ontario government grant which provides funding for municipal governments and non-profit organizations who are completing projects which improve business conditions and enable greater competitiveness in rural regions.
The Rural Economic Development program offers up to 50% of costs to a maximum $100k for

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