Government Funding

CIPEC: Receive Grants to Support ISO 50001 Certification Costs

Improving energy performance is an objective of many Canadian manufacturers in 2017. Not only are energy-efficient facilities more environmentally sustainable, but they also provide a significant reduction in overall energy costs. To become more energy efficient, industrial energy users are developing and implementing energy conservation programs. Fortunately, these types of

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Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) Oil Sands Technology Grants

Alberta’s oil sands are critically important to the provincial economy, both in terms of employment and overall economic output. Despite this immense economic benefit, oil sands are Canada’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and sustainable technologies are needed for the industry to survive mounting environmental pressures. Fortunately,

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Funding Roadmap: Navigating the Application Process

Businesses can take several different approaches when applying for Canadian government funding. Some companies develop and submit applications internally, while other firms voluntarily opt to receive external support throughout the funding process. Either application method can lead to a successful small business funding outcome, but understanding the differences between each

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Alberta Media Fund (AMF): Funding for Media Projects

The Alberta Media Fund (AMF) plays an important role in supporting media development, production, and marketing projects in Alberta. Through various streams of government grants, the organization supports Alberta-based businesses producing high-quality media content within the cultural industries.

The Alberta Media Fund is divided into four sub-streams of project funding. This

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How to Get Canadian Government Funding for Your Business

Canadian government funding is a powerful resource that helps action-oriented companies respond to market opportunities. It offers the potential for financial support towards project-related expenses that lead meet the government funding program’s objectives such as accessing new markets, developing innovative products, and improving productivity, among others. When used strategically, it

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OCE Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP) Research Grants

In Ontario, businesses are crafting new innovative technical solutions every day. However, it can often be challenging for these companies to effectively commercialize their market-ready products with internal resources alone. To overcome these barriers, businesses can access assistance by partnering with post-secondary institutions that offer high-skilled researchers. In fact, the

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