Local Small Business Enterprise Centres in Ontario

Mentor Works receives multiple inquiries a day from entrepreneurs and aspiring small business owners on funding programs specifically for start-ups. Typically, government funding is targeted towards small to mid-sized enterprises, which generally excludes entrepreneurs and young start-up businesses. Fortunately, there are other resources available to help start-ups build a foundation for growth and success. While the situations will vary, each one is looking to orient themselves in this space and find out what sort of government backed programs exist to support them.

The Small Business Enterprise Centres (SBECs) are local, community organizations funded by the province to support businesses.

These services are largely free of cost and Mentor Works recommends you contact them and get connected to their services if you are looking to start a new business.

What Can These Centres Offer?

While each location may offer different resources, these centres provide a plethora of knowledge related to:

  • Access to advisors who have owned businesses;
  • Assistance with the development of a business plan, market research, financial and cash flow development, taxes, and insurance;
  • Tools to explore entrepreneurship and self-employment, as well as examine business feasibility;
  • Networking opportunities and workshops;
  • Access to directories, trade indexes and books;
  • Information on patents, copyright, and trademarks; and
  • Guidance on licenses, permits, registration, regulations, and other documents you need to start a business, and more.

Small Business Enterprise Centre Locations

There are over 40 locations all throughout Ontario to help start-ups build a foundation for growth and success. These include:

Contact your closest centre to get started with your business journey.

Canadian Small Business Funding and Resources

It takes significant time and effort to nurture a start-up, but once you’re up and running, you’ll be that much closer to accessing government grants and other funding sources!

To determine what you’ll need to access government incentives, please download Mentor Works’ free Startup Funding Checklist!

Canadian Government Funding for Startups

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