If you are a technology company and looking for connections with 10,000 leaders and influencers in this cluster in Central Ontario, then this dynamic member community may just be what you have been looking for.

The programs offered through memberships provide knowledge transfer about trends and issues facing our sector and region, with solutions to leverage these trends and help us grow our business. Through seminars and lectures, TechConnex connects peers and potential clients and partners to work together and be exposed to various learning options. The purpose of TechConnex is to build strength into the tech community by Peer Group Meetings. Collaboration is available through various groups such as: Chief Financial Officers, Women Leaders in Technology, HR Perspectives, Chief Executive Officers, Leaders of Emerging Companies, Sales and Marketing Leadership.

Tech Sector in GTA

To enhance networks and planning approaches to learning, TechConnex organizes a Luncheon Program each month as well. These speakers are usually centered on economic updates as well as the common challenges to growth and innovation.

Of high importance to TechConnex is sharing through experience what our Tech community has learned. With this gearing up for growth mindset, TechConnex has learned that peer-directed innovative approaches and the application of that knowledge will make a considerable difference to strategic planning. Reoccurring business challenges and opportunities are common for small business in Ontario, however, TechConnex seeks to provide, with subject matter experts and tech industry leaders, a network for collaboration and partnerships to accelerate growth.

For more information about how to Become A Member and help set the direction for Ontario small business, contact www.techconnex.ca.

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